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  • Origins in apples

    Reinhart began in apple products over 100 years ago. Today, on the same grounds in Stayner, Ontario, we are returning to our roots, making apple cider a part of the family business.

  • From our hearts and hands

    Our cider comes from the orchards of Ontario, made in the tight-knit community of Stayner, by the sincere and talented team at Reinhart’s. We hope you enjoy our cider as much as we have enjoyed making it.

  • With pride and great excitement, this is Reinhart’s Red Apple Light Cider and Red Apple Strong Cider.

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  • Our philosophy

    We believe in careful craftsmanship, small batches, and farm-fresh Ontario apples. Our goal is to bring you a pure and natural cider that is always enjoyable.

  • Locally sourced

    We wanted to make cider that is as delicious as eating a real apple. Reinhart’s Red Apple can be light and sweet or strong and bold, all from the crisp clean flavours of fresh Ontario apples.

  • One ingredient

    One of our most important goals was to make a cider with a minimal amount of ingredients. So, this cider is made with one single ingredient, and nothing else: apple cider. No added flavours, no colours, nothing artificial. Simply apple cider.

  • Special thanks to Niagara College

    We would like to thank our partners at Niagara College for their education and guidance in developing our cider. Their skill, expertise, and knowledge was an invaluable asset. The journey of development was an experience for which we are most grateful.

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